10 facts that your Asian Soulmate probably did not tell you

The number of white people with an Asian soulmate has increased over the years. Yes! Asians are really dating white people at an alarming rate. And the ones being sought after most by white men are Asian women.

Now the thing that usually comes up a lot about Asian White dating is stereotypes. People will shame the Asian man for being nerdy. People will assume White men only date Asian women because they are submissive.

Well, all these stereotypes are just what they are. Stereotypes. Now if you are the kind of person who is looking for an Asian man or woman to prove whether these stereotypes are true or not, then you have a big thing coming.

Now that you have found your Asian soulmate, here are some facts about Asians you probably have no clue about…

respectful asian woman1. Asian women are not submissive

I had to start with this one. The thing is, Asian women are raised to be polite and respectful. Now dude, do not take this to mean that she is submissive and you can walk all over her. If you do, she will unleash the tiger in her.

2. He or she probably has no interest in Asian politics

If your love was born and bred in America, then she is American. The only politics they have interest in is American. They probably have no clue nor have an opinion about their Asian country’s politics.

3. Not everyone is a Science geek

Don’t run to your Asian love asking him to fix your comp. Just like you are not that savvy, he probably isn’t too

4. Hate for Trump

A survey was done and Asians do not favor that guy…

5. “You don’t really look Asian is a very offensive phrase”

This is never taken as a compliment as it makes one feel that there is something wrong with being Asian.

6. An Asian man can protect you

Stereotypes do depict Asian men as weak. However, if someone messes with you, trust me, he will whoop their ass Bruce Lee style.

7. They are ok with broccoli from any food court or hot dog

Please spare yourself the trouble of ordering Chinese everyday thinking that is all your Asian soulmate digs.

8. Asians are the fastest growing racial group in the U.S.

Dont let the underrepresentation in the Media fool you

9. They probably have no clue about the best Chinese restaurant

Please don’t assume he or she knows where to find the best Chinese cuisine. Just google…

10. They hate the question: “No. Really. Where are you from?”

If he or she mentions a state in the U.S., then let it go. America is his or her home.

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