What to expect when dating Japanese women

When dating Japanese women one thing you need to acknowledge is that every girl is different. Yes, there might be traits that might seem similar – traits that have been influenced by their cultural heritage. However, you need to acknowledge every woman’s individuality. That is one of the things every man has to keep in mind when dating any woman from another race. Forget the stereotypes and the generalizations. Treat her as an individual.

That said, here are some of the things that seem common to most Japanese women. Bear in mind that if they are born and bred in the US or other European countries, the intensity will definitely vary based on the assimilation of the Western culture.

Insight into what it’s like to date a Japanese woman

They understand submission when it comes to performing their daily routines

First off, there is a general belief that when dating Japanese women, you will always get a shy and submissive one. Now people always think bedroom wise. Or that these women will bow at your beck and call. WRONG!

Japanese women understand what needs to be done. So if it’s cooking, they will do it to the best of their ability. However, this kind of submission needs to be balanced with a man’s respect and appreciation too. So DO NOT mistake their caring for weakness.

They are known to take reigns behind closed doors and demand respect

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Well, stereotype or not, I think if a woman feels you deserve some good loving, she will go out of her way to please you best way she knows how. The stereotype about submission in bed, cut it out. Give her the respect she deserves and you will get the pleasure you are craving for. Whatever kink you are thinking of, remember consent is key. Don’t assume she will be into it. Otherwise, it will all just seem disrespectful.

When dating Japanese women know that they are very in tune with family and their cultural history

This one I might agree with. Especially the family bit. I will not dispute this one. Find out as much as you can about her culture. Be ready to probably attend most family events. Learn as much as you can about their history. That way, you will know how to behave around her family and friends. BUT if she is Japanese American, steer clear from asking too much about her history or making it a thing. I know I might be contradicting myself but, probably she has no clue. Just let her be.

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