What to expect when dating Japanese women

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When dating Japanese women one thing you need to acknowledge is that every girl is different. Yes, there might be traits that might seem similar – traits that have been influenced by their cultural heritage. However, you need to acknowledge every woman’s individuality. That is one of the things every man has to keep in mind when dating any woman from another race. Forget the stereotypes and the generalizations. Treat her as an individual.

That said, here are some of the things that seem common to most Japanese women. Bear in mind that if they are born and bred in the US or other European countries, the intensity will definitely vary based on the assimilation of the Western culture.

Insight into what it’s like to date a Japanese woman

They understand submission when it comes to performing their daily routines

First off, there is a general belief that when dating Japanese women, you will always get a shy and submissive one. Now people always think bedroom wise. Or that these women will bow at your beck and call. WRONG!

Japanese women understand what needs to be done. So if it’s cooking, they will do it to the best of their ability. However, this kind of submission needs to be balanced with a man’s respect and appreciation too. So DO NOT mistake their caring for weakness.

They are known to take reigns behind closed doors and demand respect

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Well, stereotype or not, I think if a woman feels you deserve some good loving, she will go out of her way to please you best way she knows how. The stereotype about submission in bed, cut it out. Give her the respect she deserves and you will get the pleasure you are craving for. Whatever kink you are thinking of, remember consent is key. Don’t assume she will be into it. Otherwise, it will all just seem disrespectful.

When dating Japanese women know that they are very in tune with family and their cultural history

This one I might agree with. Especially the family bit. I will not dispute this one. Find out as much as you can about her culture. Be ready to probably attend most family events. Learn as much as you can about their history. That way, you will know how to behave around her family and friends. BUT if she is Japanese American, steer clear from asking too much about her history or making it a thing. I know I might be contradicting myself but, probably she has no clue. Just let her be.

Online dating is the place to find a white man or woman

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Believe it or not, finding a non-Asian date for Asian singles has always been difficult, The negative stigma associated with online dating has become a thing of past and time has arrived to give it a shot.

Here are the reasons to choose online dating to find white women or men.  

Bigger pool: Asians are raised in a different environment which makes them different from white people, but being different also reduce their chances of meeting their ideal partner. Online dating allows you to meet thousands of ideal matches who are interested in meeting.

No obligation: One of the best things about online dating is you are not required to follow any obligations, there is no guilt even if you don’t like the person, you can disconnect with them within 2 seconds.

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Search Algorithms: Most of the dating sites owners are spending millions to make the love matching more accurate, these dating sites allow you to define your priorities and widen your search options.
You can filter your ideal singles on the basis of their region, ethnicity, age, sexual preferences, hobbies, etc.

Specialty dating sites: Are you aware of the availability of specialty dating sites? These sites are created specifically to fulfill particular requirements. There are specialty Asian dating sites available where white singles can register and get in contact with the local Asians.  

Better search radius: You cant always find your ideal march within your friend’s circle, sometimes they are available next to you and you are unaware of them. Online dating improves your search radius and helps you meet more people looking to date with the same preferences. Expand your circle, there are millions of prospective matches online.

Online dating saves you from embarrassment: Approaching people around you can turn into an embarrassment, that is one of the biggest reasons why most of the people are afraid of approaching the opposite sex. Online dating saves you from unnecessary embarrassments and rejections.

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User Verification: Some sites also offer to verify the background of anyone who registers with them to keep the environment user-friendly and secure for everyone.  

Step into the work of casual dating: Online dating is not bounded to any obligation, you can meet new people, have coffee with them, go on concerts with them and just be a good friend.
Online dating has emerged as a key player in bringing people closer to each other.

Famous asian and white celebrity couples throughout History

asian white couples

Hollywood couples seem to be very comfortable dating someone outside of the cast and religion, that’s the reason we are seeing a sudden uptrend in the interracial relationships.

Couples are getting more colorful there days, some like ’em black and others like ’em white, and some celebs are found to prefer Asian Persuasion, here is a list of famous Asian and white celebrity couples who made headlines.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

One of the most sensational and trending relationship these days, Priyanka Chopra in an actress who has worked in many Indian movies but got worldwide recognition with her role in famous TV series Quantico. Nicholas Jerry Jonas is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. Jonas began acting in theater at the age of seven and released his debut single in 2002.

Priyanka and Nick showed up together for the first time at Met Gala 2017, since then couple got into all the headline. The couple recently got engaged in Indian style and now preparing to get married very soon.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla

A man who became the youngest billionaire ever, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg married his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, in May 2012.

Mark met Priscilla in the Harward collage party while waiting in the washroom queue, the couple had dated for 9 years before they got married. Apart from their billionaire tag, the couple decided to get married in his backyard.

Bruce Lee and Linda Lee Cadwell

Inarguably one of the most loved Asian actor in history, Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee met Linda Caldwell when he was giving Kung Fu demonstration at her high school, then Linda started taking Lung Fu lessons which initiated the love story of the couple.

The couple got married in 1964 and had two kids, Brandon, and Shanon Lee. Sadly Lee died in 1973 from cerebral edema and 20 years later his son Shanon Lee died in an unfortunate accident while shooting for the film The Crow.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid

Again, one of the most famous couples of the entire industry, Zyan Malin is a former member of One Direction and Now a solo artist has been dating a model girlfriend Gigi Hadid for over a year now. Zayan is the son of a Pakistani father and an English mother.


Shy and subservient – The Asian woman myth

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Female Asian myth! We know it too well. These women, just because they are generally smaller than the average American woman, we decide they are submissive women. Its called having the Asian fetish. Over years, the fetishization of Asian women has existed. Some men will want to date them just because of that. But are these stereotypes right? Definitely not. Let’s explore and tramp some of them.

Why western society has it all wrong with Asian women and how they perceive them

It’s an Asian myth that Asian women are submissive

So they are small. So? If you think you are going to date an Asian woman and sit on her, then you have another think coming. What defines any woman is her personality. And personality is not race-defined. You are who you are. Polite. Aggressive. It doesn’t matter. It’s upon the man to adjust to who you are.

­­Asian women are largely dominant in home life

asian girlYes, they say women are supposed to be submissive. What is submission really? I think it needs to work both ways. Asian women know how to take care of their families. They are on-point. When it comes to family, they dominate. Be it food, husbands or even ensuring everything is in order, an Asian woman will deliver.

They can be very adventurous in bed and are not at all shy

It’s an Asian myth that the women are meek in bed. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s all about a person’s personality. Am I freaky in bed? Hell yeah! Is it because of my race? Race has got nothing to do with being shy in bed. A person’s upbringing has a lot to do with this. Asian Americans have been exposed to things westerners have been. What makes you think that she won’t rock your world?

The thing is, people like to stereotype. But it doesn’t get us anywhere. A person is a person. Whether submissive or aggressive, it’s who they are. Let us quash the myth about Asian women being submissive. Just meet someone and get to know them for who they are.

The Most Attractive Qualities That Asian Men Possess

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Many women from western countries adore Asian men, and most of them have positive feedback for the Asian men. Let’s understand some of the most distinguishing qualities of Asian men that make them really attractive.

Know how to handle their finance

Most of the Asians come from a very humble background where taking care of the finance it a part of their cultural practice. Most of the Asian men are found to act very maturely about their savings, investments, and spending.

attractive asian men

Highly educated

Asia contains 60% of the world population; the amount of competition these guys faces is pathetically high which forces them to enhance their education skills. Women who search for the intelligence on their top priority tends to fall in love quickly with these cute looking guys.

They will look the same even after 20 years.

Apart from finance and education, there looks is something that totally distinguishes them. Every woman wants a man who looks good all the time and Asians certainly satisfy their requirements.

He will be very respectful towards your family

Are you a family person who expect their partner to treat your family with respect? Try to date an Asian. I remember one of the old sayings that Asians teach “respect elders and love younger’s”. When my parents met my Asian boyfriend for the first time he gave his respect for bowing down and touching feet, my parents were stunned to see those kinds of cultural values.

He will prefer family time instead of getting drunk

Most of the Asian men are very sincere and dedicated men towards their family and their love, family and work come on the topmost priority.

Perfect marriage material

Asians are not afraid to make commitments; if he is dating you then he must be having some plans to marry you, you can be sure about that. What do you call a person who is highly educated, good with finance, love your family and not afraid to make a commitment? “A Perfect Marriage Material”. 😉

The most attractive qualities that Asian women possess

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There are so many attractive Asian women in the United States and the world over. In the U.S. in particular, for years, western men have had an attraction to these women. The numbers are evident based on the rise in interracial dating by Asian women.

On online dating websites, they rank highest as the most favored group of women by men of all other races.

Now people have always brought up the issue of Asian women fetish when it comes to men’s attraction to them. They have been stereotyped a lot. But these are just stereotypes. Every race has fallen victim to this.

So what really makes Asian women so attractive as a potential partner? It’s not just about their looks. There is more to it. So what really draws men of other races to want to date them and marry them.

Qualities of attractive Asian women

1. They are respectful

Men love women who are respectful. But do not confuse this for weakness. Coz much as people assume they are submissive, they are also very  opinionated. Honor her respect with respect. If you treat her as a doormat, she will leave.

2. They have a strong family values

If you are dating an Asian woman and you end up getting married to her, the family you have together will always come first. At the same time, she will also put importance into your own parent family.

3. They truly are attractive

Not that I am stereotyping but most Asian ladies are petite in nature. And this kind of physique makes them look more feminine. Most men find this attractive.

4. They age gracefully

Believe me when I say this… Asian women always look younger than they really are. They take great care of their skin and health in general and have  wonderful even skin complexions.


How to prepare for your first meeting with your partner’s Asian parents

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You have been dating your Asian partner for a while now and like it or not,  at some point, you will have to meet your partner’s Asian parents for the first time.

Meeting the parents especially of an interracial partner is something most people dread. One thing people worry about most is whether they will accept you for being a person of different race. And their acceptance might affect your relationship one way or another.

There is no reason to think that they wouldn’t like you if their daughter or son likes you. Today, most parents don’t meddle much in the dating choices of their children. They let them feel free to choose whoever they want to date.

So how do you get yourself ready for that dreaded first meeting?

1. Learn a thing or two about your partner’s Asian parents

couple viewing tabletWhen you begin dating, take an interest in your partner’s family, especially if you are planning to be together for the long-term. Family is very important within the Asian community. This will definitely show that you are committed to him or her and that you are looking forward to being part of their family.

Find out their likes and dislikes and ask your partner the dos and donts you need to be on the lookout for.

2. Don’t be on first name basis with them

Refer to them as Mr. and Mrs. It shows respect which is very important to Asians.

3. Buy a gift

asian interracial coupleYou will definitely score high points if you bring something for the first visit. Ask your partner about what will be appropriate to carry. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. Even cake will do the trick.

4. Familiarize yourself with some of their traditions

First off, dress in a modest way. Another thing with most Asian homes is that people remove their shoes when getting into the house. So talk to your partner so he or she can fill you in.

5. Don’t be too touchy

We understand you are in love. Avoid public displays of affection in front of the Asian parents. Save that kissing for after the visit. Discretion shows respect.


10 facts that your Asian Soulmate probably did not tell you

The number of white people with an Asian soulmate has increased over the years. Yes! Asians are really dating white people at an alarming rate. And the ones being sought after most by white men are Asian women.

Now the thing that usually comes up a lot about Asian White dating is stereotypes. People will shame the Asian man for being nerdy. People will assume White men only date Asian women because they are submissive.

Well, all these stereotypes are just what they are. Stereotypes. Now if you are the kind of person who is looking for an Asian man or woman to prove whether these stereotypes are true or not, then you have a big thing coming.

Now that you have found your Asian soulmate, here are some facts about Asians you probably have no clue about…

respectful asian woman1. Asian women are not submissive

I had to start with this one. The thing is, Asian women are raised to be polite and respectful. Now dude, do not take this to mean that she is submissive and you can walk all over her. If you do, she will unleash the tiger in her.

2. He or she probably has no interest in Asian politics

If your love was born and bred in America, then she is American. The only politics they have interest in is American. They probably have no clue nor have an opinion about their Asian country’s politics.

3. Not everyone is a Science geek

Don’t run to your Asian love asking him to fix your comp. Just like you are not that savvy, he probably isn’t too

4. Hate for Trump

A survey was done and Asians do not favor that guy…

5. “You don’t really look Asian is a very offensive phrase”

This is never taken as a compliment as it makes one feel that there is something wrong with being Asian.

6. An Asian man can protect you

Stereotypes do depict Asian men as weak. However, if someone messes with you, trust me, he will whoop their ass Bruce Lee style.

7. They are ok with broccoli from any food court or hot dog

Please spare yourself the trouble of ordering Chinese everyday thinking that is all your Asian soulmate digs.

8. Asians are the fastest growing racial group in the U.S.

Dont let the underrepresentation in the Media fool you

9. They probably have no clue about the best Chinese restaurant

Please don’t assume he or she knows where to find the best Chinese cuisine. Just google…

10. They hate the question: “No. Really. Where are you from?”

If he or she mentions a state in the U.S., then let it go. America is his or her home.

Why People say Interracial Dating is the Best

Dating only white people — or black, or Asian, or Hispanic — seems like a dumb hill to die on, especially considering all the reasons why interracial dating is pretty darn spectacular.

Interracial Dating

Wild love: Moreover, it’s a lot harder for your man to be bad at lovin’ and sexy-time when he’s confident about who he is as a person.

Learn to laugh a little: You’re going to make mistakes, say the wrong things and stumble into faux pas. And it’s OK. Maybe race relations need a little levity.

A religious dimension: Even if you and your new beau come from the same religious background, your differing racial heritage will bring a new dimension to your faith. For instance, you’re likely to experience the Christian faith differently between a quiet baptism and a gospel brunch.

Hooray for traditions: Holidays are no longer just holidays. Fourth of July, for instance, takes on added meaning if you celebrate with a boyfriend who was born in a different country. You might find your traditions take on more meaning when you see them with the eyes of another person.

A delicious smorgasbord: We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the sheer delight of enjoying ethnic foods. Whether we’re talking moussaka, tamales or baklava, your taste buds will thank you for dating outside the box.

This gives new meaning to “family”: Many people cite their families as the reason they avoid interracial dating. But once a skeptical family surrounds an interracial couple, we swear that the love is basically quadrupled.

Who said anything about taboo? :That said, public opinion on interracial dating has changed wildly in the last few decades. Now, over eight percent of all new marriages are interracial, and Americans overwhelmingly approve of interracial pairings. Have no fear.

Basic Rules in interracial dating men tend to ignore

Rules in interracial dating

The basic rules in interracial dating are clear; give attention, trust your partner, be confident of yourself and follow the basic rules that make your woman happy. There is only one basic rule for men especially in interracial dating – keep your woman happy and take the lead. Still men fail to take note of small things that may seem very obvious to do. Women just demand care and attention along with a few gestures that make her feel her value in that relationship. If a woman is not able to see her worth in a relationship she will not stay long or may even show her disinterest in you or even the relationship. Men need to take care of a few basic things that will ensure the smoothness of the relationship and happiness of both partners.

Rules in interracial dating
Rules in interracial dating

Asking out is the first for basic rules in interracial dating

Women are independent and outgoing today still the basic rules in interracial dating state that it’s the man who needs to take the initiative and ask her out on the first date. No mutual decision making in this regard. A man needs to make sure that even after developing comfort and a lot of communication on an online interracial dating website he has to formally invite her for a physical date. The biggest fear men possess is the fear of rejection in an interracial dating scenario. This fear needs to be put in the backseat since it will never allow you to ask anyone out. And if you don’t ask anyone out you are never ever going to date anyone. Women still wait for a man to take the lead inspite of all their independence.

Sharing to a limit is one of the basic rules in interracial dating

When on a date do not over share things with the woman. Do not whine on your past and talk about any abusive relationships, parental abuse, suicide attempts or nervous breakdowns since she is not there to hear all this. Although your intentions are just to open up and let her know all that she needs to know about you. Remember it is a date and she is there to have a good time. Share only that much that is necessary for the occasion. Don’t let her feel like an emotional sink for you.

Not letting her pay is an important basic rule in interracial dating

She might tell you that she wants to split the bill, however you being the gentleman, are not going to let it happen. Women tend to put this proposal before the men they date. They do not have a problem with splitting the bill. However it is surely going to leave a bad taste if the bill is splitted. You may be tempted to save a few buck however you are surely going to loose the date and the woman you have yearned to date for a long time. You can slit the bill if you are on a casual outing however on a serious date it is not advisable for men to split the bill.