Are you unknowingly destroying your interracial relationship

Interracial relationship

You have been into a beautiful and emotional interracial relationship after a few weeks of online dating and meeting. This is the best thing that could have happened to you in this life. The feeling of bliss and achievement is unparallel. Keeping an interracial relationship intact for a long time needs a bit of effort from both the partners. You need to make sure that you don’t do a few things when in an interracial relationship to make it work for a long time.

Interracial relationship
           Interracial relationship

Do not black mail emotionally in an interracial relationship

Playing with emotions and blackmailing someone emotionally to get what you want is the biggest mistake you can commit in an interracial relationship. You tend to be the abuser in an abusive relationship. True lovers never torment each other emotionally for their own benefit. By blackmailing in an interracial relationship you are making the relationship toxic.

Hiding the truth in an interracial relationship spells doom

Hiding truth from your interracial partner in an interracial relationship is surely going to spell doom for the relationship. The basis of any good relationship is trust and respect and if any of them is lost the relationship dynamics go for toss. Anytime you lie or hide the truth from your partner you are passing a message that you do not trust him or her. Being honest and truthful with your interracial partner will surely make your relationship strong and long lasting.

Unreasonable expectations from one another

Expectations crop up by themselves in an interracial relationship. However the expectations need to be reasonable. Being too much demanding or only being demanding in relationship will only destroy the relationship. Unreasonable expectations are nothing but a reason for disappointment and disaster in an interracial relationship. Expect but to the limits and keeping in view the capabilities and capacity of your interracial partner.

Time and attention in the relationship are lacking

There was time when you used to be up all night chatting with each other. You were not able to keep count of time and wanted to be with each other all the time. That was the initial phase of the relationship when you were trying to make an impression. However now you are caught up with work and you message or talk only once a week. The attention adulation and care that existed in the relationship has become a thing of the past. This is the final nail in the coffin of the interracial relationship that both of you once nurtured.


Are you ready for a Serious Relationship? Let’s Check it out

Casual dating, online dating, hooking up—you’ve tried it all and you’ve tested it all. But they no longer hold the same appeal anymore, or you’re tired of the usual cycle of meet someone new—have fun—get bored—find someone new again. But then you meet somebody who makes you want to break out of this cycle. If this has happened to you, chances are, you might be looking for something a bit more serious. Here are some signs to help decode if you’re ready to take the big step.

serious interracial relationship

• You no longer think that being with someone is an absolute necessity for you. You’re happy with your own company, and aren’t relying on a relationship to fill a void.

• You’ve been the player and aced the game, but now you no longer want to play games or go round and round trying to figure out what’s on his mind, and aren’t afraid to let him know what’s on yours.

• You’ve gotten over your jerk of an ex, and no longer feel a sting every time you hear his name or see him. Goodbye baggage, hello future!

• Sure, you love chick flicks just as much as the next girl, but you’ve stopped waiting for a Prince Charming to come and save you. Realistic expectations are more your thing now.

• You’ve figured out some sort of a plan for your future and have the energy to dedicate to a relationship.

• The six pack abs, dimpled smile and everything else on the ‘must-have looks’ list no longer stands, and you prefer going by the vibe you get from that person instead.

• You want to include them in other aspects of your life as well, be it valuing their opinions when it comes to your career, and you can’t wait to introduce them to your friends and family.

• You’re comfortable being who you are and embrace all your quirks in their entirety, without feeling the need to change for somebody else.

• You don’t mind a little compromise and are okay with finding a common ground that works for both of you, instead of pouting when things don’t go your way.

• The prospect of having ‘the talk’ about your future doesn’t scare you anymore. Nervous butterflies maybe, but you no longer run away from the topic.

The Best Moments in Every Relationship

1. First Meeting: Whenever you will meet your date one-on-one for the first time. I would say the first meeting with your date is more exiting as you will let all your held-up crush energy on your first date. In other words you can say it is as big a deal as your potential marriage day. Professional Tip for your first Meeting: Don’t discuss your potential weddings on the first date.

interracial dating relationship

2. Nervous Pause Before your First Kiss: The second best moment within a relationship according to me is the Nervous Pause immediately before you will kiss for the first time.

3. The first time you bone. Well, hopefully your first time was a great moment. And if not, you’re a very selfless person for sticking with them.

4. The first time you stay the night instead of abruptly peacing-out like Cinderella the second it hits 2 a.m. Especially if you usually run off into the night immediately after coitus. Well, maybe hobble into the night while trying to put on your pants is a more apt description. My point is, your first sleepover is a big deal.

5. When you are in bed together with your date and did nothing but then too you feel amazing. If you will do this for the first time then of course you will find out that it’s cute and romantic. But if you will do the same thing for the 90th time, then it means you’re mutually-dependent agoraphobics. Also, if you can literally spend an entire day sharing a bed with your date and doing nothing else then it means you’ve got something good going.

6. Whenever you in your relationship you will realize your partner’s family could also be your family (and you’re OK with that). Some people have stupid families. So it’s a relief when you meet your partner’s and you actually feel at home. Getting along with their family instead of feeling awkward and intimidated is great.

7. When picking your partner up at the airport felt like the best moment in the world. Spending time apart (however long) is rough, but getting to see each other again makes it all worth it. All right, maybe it would’ve been better to not be apart in the first place.

Interracial Love is Empowering United States of America

With the widespread use of social networking websites, people in the USA are more attracted towards the interracial dating these days. With the more secure online portals, people can easily find trustworthy dates. The USA has the most secure and protected internet services available. This provides more confidence to the people find someone special in their lives.


Like any other country or the community even in the USA, people were anguish about the threats of interracial dating. At the earlier time, white people have to face the discrimination within their society if they get involved with the blacks as many white people at old times speculate the black as lower in mind and appearance.

The USA has now changed and moved on with the fast-paced lifestyle. It is no longer possible to date people in the conservative ways like dating people who are known to us through one another’s friends, associates, family members, social group, and like that. Lifestyles have changed and people have time to cook meals at home or to go for the night out with friends and families, where they can find the partners or soul mates. This is the reason for people preferring the online dating.

It is apparent that legalizing gay marriage has improved the vision of the people towards the gays and it addressed many issues troubling our society. Likewise, legalizing interracial marriage has substantially removed the social barriers among the people of different colors in the USA. Interracial dating and marriages have worked well on lowering down the racial inequality and separation of the USA on the color basis.

I think interracial dating is a big step towards finding the real racial purity. In our country, we have witnessed many wrongful racial activities and all this happened within our cultured society. Now the time has changed and new generations are witnessing racial equality prevailing everywhere including the interracial dating. This is all turned history when racial discrimination witnessed violence and unavoidably grimy lines in the society.

Lip Locking on an interracial date

Interracial date kissing

Clearing a few hurdles after starting dating online it is time to get more intimate on the subsequent interracial date. Kissing is considered as the start of a long term bonding in an interracial date. Couples who kiss more frequently are considered to be more romantic and more close to each other. With every passionate lip locking session the bond grows stronger. A sense of belonging to the relationship sets in and the couple starts to envision the future together. The present looks more beautiful and both partners yearn to see each other more often. Release of the happiness hormones increases and the interracial date becomes a long party.

interracial date
Interracial date

Look for signs to lip lock with your interracial date

In case the girl is interested in having a lip lock with you on an interracial date she will give out a few signs and signals that you need to catch. It is not too tough to observe and catch these signals. If she is genuinely interested in having a lip lock she will try and touch you more than often while you are together. She will try and touch you on the shoulder or will try to get close to you on one or the other pretext. Observe her movements and see if they are accidental or intentional. In case they are intentional be ready for some nice action on your interracial date.

Follow the signs and take the lead on the interracial date

Once you have got the signals and are sure about her wanting to be cozy with you make sure you have the right orientation of your mind and heart. Being a man you need to take the lead; unless you are with a go getter and bold woman. Reciprocate the signals and make her feel that you got her message and you are ready for it. Look for a space where you can kiss her without any inhibitions. Steer clear of shady alleys. Your or her car or a corner in a park can be a good bet to lip lock without any hesitation. Reciprocate her touches. You can also hold her hand and look into her eyes to make her understand what is coming her way.

Make sure you keep your hormones under control on an interracial date

Once you have held her hand and set your gaze into her eyes move slowly towards her face. Do not rush since rushing can kill the passion of the moment. If she stops you do not force yourself on her. Giver her time and space since she might require it to compose herself to get ready for the lip lock. Move close enough and plant a kiss on her cheek and then move towards her lips. In case she changes her mind mid way show her respect, apologize and thank her for the wonderful time you have had. In case the situation gets awkward crack a joke and thank her for being with you.

Tips for Dating a Sober Person

Dating a sober person after he or she has come out of years of addiction is in itself an experience that will go down as one of the best feelings and experiences in life. Dating a sober human being is like a roller coaster ride whenever there seems to be a relapse of the addiction. In case you haven’t touched or done any kind of drugs or drinks in the past you will find it a bit tricky to handle a few situations arising because of the mood tantrums and the missing a sober person will show once you start dating. However as they say love is blind you need not fret much about the past habits or addictions of your partner. Rather focus on the future and live in the present. While dating a sober person you just need to be a bit sensitive and caring towards their needs for love and affection which they may require more than other individuals who have never been through a rough phase in life.

Online Dating Tips

Go into the past life only to an extent your partner is comfortable

Talking about the past life to the now sober should be avoided. Unless and until he or she really wants you to hear out something regarding the past. Taking a sober person down the memory lane where he was an addict or a substance abuser is not the way a dating conversation should go. There is a risk of pushing back the sober human being into the things he or she has come out if you keep ranting about the past and making him or her feel guilty about the things or actions of the past. There are better things to discuss than the past.

Handle mood tantrums with love and care

A person who is sober will go through mood tantrums which are beyond control. While dating a sober person you need to accommodate the unreasonable mood tantrums that mat turn up any time and threaten your relationship. You need to be more understanding and empathetic. Generally the mood tantrum will take a few minutes to few days to end however at the end of the mood tantrum the person will also understand that the mood tantrum was uncalled for which gives you a sense of belonging to the relationship along with worth to your own personality.

Get your kick with the partner’s presence

In case you are the one who has become sober and are dating someone, get your share of kicking from the dating experience you are getting from your partner. Keep your options open to try something new and exciting with your dating partner. In case you are dating a sober person do not keep the relationship monotonous. Try and keep adding something new to your relationship. A new activity, a new place to visit over the weekend or even an unexplored place for camping will keep your relationship up and kicking.

Take some private time out for yourself

Being with a person who is sober can take a bit of toll on your personality. Have some private time for yourself outside the relationship. In case your dating partner does not like a particular activity that you love doing for example reading, take time out of the relationship and pursue your hobbies and passions. This will not only keep you charged up but will also unwind you of any relationship blues, stress or monotony that may creep in. Developing new interests in sync with your dating partner will be a big addition to the relationship.

Knowing the support network will work wonders

Your date will have a support network sometimes from the rehab. You are having your own support network. Keep that support network alive even if both of you are dating each other seriously and do not feel the need of anyone in life. This makes sure that you and your dating partner have someone to fall back upon in case emotional distress. Genuine advice and support for a sober person are very important which generally come from a support network he or she can created over the years. Get to know that support network and if possible become a part of it.

Asking for help at times will be a boost for the relationship

Asking help from a sober girlfriend or a boyfriend will help them to regain their lost confidence and open up the doors for them to seek help from you once they are in emotional distress. Asking for any kind of help even if we know the other person is not capable to help strengthens the bond between the two. Understanding and respect increase among couples who seek each other’s help frequently. However make sure that you are not creating a parasite that will look up to you for all their needs. Empowering your sober date is something you need to do so that a sense of worthiness is created.

A sober person will be a means of self development

A sober person is always discovering the new things he has been missing in himself, his date and the world around him or her. This is a process of a new personality development for the sober soul. Reach out and help the person to create a personality that allows him or her to see and feel the world in its true perspective. His past friends will try to get him back into the fold and people who know the sober person may try to pull him or her down. You as a dating partner need to be the shield around him or her to show the right path and the way ahead for the future along with you especially when you are planning on a long term relationship.

A sober person has a strong will power

A sober human being is a string willed human being and will surely be an asset to the relationship provided you are able to handle the unique demands of the relationship and carry it forward. A sober person will love you with his whole heart and will not be easily bogged down with the ups and downs of the relationship since he has seen plenty of it. It is you who is dating a sober person who needs to maintain his or her cool and take the relationship forward.

The true meaning of intimacy in an interracial relationship

interracial relationship

Intimacy in an interracial relationship is as important as the relationship itself. In many cases interracial relationships are not able to survive just because of the lack of intimacy. Still there are a few relationships that do not survive even when ample amount of intimacy is involved. In such cases maybe the dating partners do not know what exactly intimacy in an interracial relationship is all about. Intimacy is not only about sex it entails a lot many things along with sex.

interracial relationship
interracial relationship

Intimacy develops over time in an interracial relationship

Intimacy is not something that will develop overnight. It is a process that takes time and will develop only after a particular level of trust and confidence has been achieved between the two partners. This is not something that you can have on demand. You need to make efforts to reach a level of intimacy and then develop it further.

The true meaning of intimacy is communicating freely

Whether it is about expressing your feelings for your interracial partner or the way you want your interracial partner to make you feel. If you can communicate anything and everything to your dating partner you are intimate. However if you are not able to communicate your feelings but are together; you are not really doing justice to the relationship.

Intimacy is not only sex

Intimacy does not mean you gave to have a long night of passionate sex in your bedroom with your interracial dating partner. Intimacy means a lot other things like cuddling your partner, helping your partner where no help is required. Talking through the night on a topic that is interesting to your partner.

Intimacy in an interracial relationship means caring and honesty

Intimacy is when you find your date ready with hot soup after a bad day at work. Intimacy means being by the side of your date when he or she has caught the flu. Intimacy means cooking for her even when you don’t know how to cook properly but you tried because you care for her. Being honest in a relationship is the biggest sign that you are intimate into each other. Flirting and moving your eyes here and there once in a while is not bad since your interracial date knows you are ultimately going to come back to him or her at the end of the day.

Keeping an interracial date intimate and sweet is the secret for a long term relationship that will survive all the odds and tests of time.

A few words you need to avoid on an interracial dating website

interracial dating website

While making a profile or even interacting on interracial dating websites you need to be careful with your words. Since women and men alike may not take it in their stride in case you are not careful with your choice of words. Since you are dating a person you have never met in your life before, who is from a different ethnicity than the one you belong to thus the chances of offence via words increases in case the choice of words is not made carefully. Although you never know someone else’s mind still here are a few words that need to be avoided while dating online to keep your dating spirit especially in an interracial dating scenario live and kicking. Your online dating is kind of a resume for you that is going to land you a date if you are able to present yourself in the best possible manner.

interracial dating website
interracial dating website

Avoid the word nice on an interracial dating website

Presenting yourself as someone nice shows you as someone who considers himself to be entitled and a passively aggressive personality. You may be a kind person in reality however communicating that you are nice on your online dating profile or even while communicating with someone from the interracial dating website will go against you. A few so called nice guys have a tendency of stalking and troubling people in case they are pushed to the friend zone from the dating scenario.

Being gentleman is good however avoid writing it

Being a gentleman is good however writing it there on your dating profile is not advisable. Respect for women should come from your heart then only your actions will show that you are a true gentleman. A gentleman doesn’t only respect women he has a genuine concern for the whole community especially for people who are below him in terms of social status or money. Being a gentleman is not the only criteria women look for in their date. And a person who wears the gentleman tag on his sleeve and especially on his dating profile will have less chances of finding a date.

Being Alpha is good but bragging about it will take you nowhere

Being an alpha or a leader is a good attribute but keeping it there on your profile is a big no. If you really are a male alpha then you need to show it instead of writing it there on your profile. Keep away from writing it there on your dating profile.

Shy Quiet and Different are a strict no no

Being out there to date someone from a different race and still being shy or quiet! You are not fit to date anyone. Every human being is unique in his or her own way and if you are different you don’t have to write it on your dating profile. Steer clear of using shy quiet and different from your dating profile since these words do not make you dating material. Women will be driven away from your profile without doubt.

Be sure to make the right choice of words on your dating profile since this is going to be the first step in landing you an interracial date. The words you write on your dating profile are going to present your personality and this is the only way you can introduce yourself to your dating partner.

Why Interracial Dating Is Fun?

Do you think skin color is a barrier when it comes to dating? Do not think along those lines. She has everything a man would only dream his woman had. She is a beauty queen, a woman who is in a class of her own. She is ahead of the pack in terns of elegance, grace and beauty. Pay a blind eye to the color bar, see the woman. The essence of her heart is what matters, the color of her skin is secondary. We are all one people with different colors, interracial dating is healthy and possible. We all have the same needs and desires in life hence the visible differences are man made. We have created and erected barriers around our tribal cocoons in order to entrench our own selfish interests. If she is your dream person love her in abundance. Throw all caution and care to the wind and follow your heart. Let the world make the conclusions it wants to make but by the end of the day you have achieved your goal.


Interracial dating brings diversity to the relationship. This particular diversity can either be an advantage or a disadvantage to the relationship. It brings with it deep rooted differences such as religion, culture, food, beliefs and the general perception of things. It is possible to work out your differences to a compromise. There is nothing in this world today that can not be discussed and solved. In an interracial dating relationship the two lovebirds should work together towards accommodating each other into their different worlds. A lot of understanding, patience and resilience ought to be invested in this relationship in order for things to work out pretty fine. This investments should be long term and geared towards making the relationship grow from strength to strength.

Diversity is strength, let your relationship be a melting pot of cultures. Do not try to change your partner from whom she is to the person that you want her to be. It might not be taken kindly. In the long run change is inevitable, it takes time. Let this change take its natural course. Let it stand the test of time. Let it adopt to the environment. You will eventually change much as your partner will also change. You will start seeing things the same way and reading from the same script when it comes to opinions. All this is subject to time and calls for patience and resilience even in times of adversity. Give interracial dating a chance because it is all that is required. It will prosper and gain root to eventually attain levels you have never imagined before. In the long run you will wonder where all the differences and conflicts you had anticipated have gone to.

Dating is dating, whether interracial dating or not. It does not matter the race or skin co lour of that person. Understand your partner, share in her dreams, goals and desires. Be her pillar of support. Be the tender, caring and loving man she has always dreamt of. Avoid areas and topics that might bring you into a line of conflict. Especially those that stem from her background. With the rough edges of your differences ironed out you can enjoy marital bliss till kingdom come.

Making yourself irresistible – Tips for Asian Women to enhance their charm

Asian women

As an Asian woman you are the most desired woman among all the races. The charm and beauty of Asian women is quite a turn on for men all across the world. In case you are a go getter and want to approach and date a man of your choice irrespective of the ethnicity race or geographical barrier you need to go a step ahead. Get yourself registered on an interracial dating website in case you are looking for a man outside your race, approach him attract him with your charm and start dating him in the real world. Asian women although quite popular on the dating scenario still have to do a bit of ground work to get their dream date hooked to them.

Asian women need to enhance themselves intellectually

Asian women
Dating Asian women

A beauty without brains is not worth it. Your interracial date is not going to find you interesting if he is unable to make any interesting communication with you. To make some constructive communication and small talk initially you need to be well versed with a few current affairs and updated on your hobbies and part time activities. This will give you ground to talk to him once you are together. Once you are armed with tidbits of information you just need to flow with the conversation with him and his friends. This will definitely add to your persona.

Confidence is an attractive garment for Asian women

Asian women who exuberate confidence are irresistible. White, Black, Latino for that matter men of all races are attracted towards an Asian woman who is confident of herself. Exhibit this confidence in every aspect of your personality. The way you walk, the way you talk the way you dress will add to your personality. Dress to kill when you are going to meet your dream man. Get ready so that you feel good and confident. Wear makeup that makes you feel confident. Carry accessories that make you feel good from inside.

Social skills and etiquettes make you enticing

Asian women although have great social skill and etiquettes however brushing those skills and etiquettes before going out is always recommended. In case you do not know how to use cutlery now is the time to learn it. You need to master the art of connecting with people. You need to have an idea and the norms that are followed in the family or social circle of your prospective date once you meet an elder from his family. Connect with his friends and family the way he wants you to connect with them. Learn to be respectful of everyone you meet on his side.

Fashion is an essential part for Asian women

You need to take care of the taste of your fashion. Don’t seem to be updated by having a dress your grandmother gifted you because she liked it. Dress up for the occasion. Getting fashionable does not mean you need to show skin. Keep the fashion within confines of modesty and morality. Your fashion needs to look trendy and catchy. Your date should feel comfortable and appreciate your sense and taste of fashion.