Shy and subservient – The Asian woman myth

asian woman

Female Asian myth! We know it too well. These women, just because they are generally smaller than the average American woman, we decide they are submissive women. Its called having the Asian fetish. Over years, the fetishization of Asian women has existed. Some men will want to date them just because of that. But are these stereotypes right? Definitely not. Let’s explore and tramp some of them.

Why western society has it all wrong with Asian women and how they perceive them

It’s an Asian myth that Asian women are submissive

So they are small. So? If you think you are going to date an Asian woman and sit on her, then you have another think coming. What defines any woman is her personality. And personality is not race-defined. You are who you are. Polite. Aggressive. It doesn’t matter. It’s upon the man to adjust to who you are.

­­Asian women are largely dominant in home life

asian girlYes, they say women are supposed to be submissive. What is submission really? I think it needs to work both ways. Asian women know how to take care of their families. They are on-point. When it comes to family, they dominate. Be it food, husbands or even ensuring everything is in order, an Asian woman will deliver.

They can be very adventurous in bed and are not at all shy

It’s an Asian myth that the women are meek in bed. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s all about a person’s personality. Am I freaky in bed? Hell yeah! Is it because of my race? Race has got nothing to do with being shy in bed. A person’s upbringing has a lot to do with this. Asian Americans have been exposed to things westerners have been. What makes you think that she won’t rock your world?

The thing is, people like to stereotype. But it doesn’t get us anywhere. A person is a person. Whether submissive or aggressive, it’s who they are. Let us quash the myth about Asian women being submissive. Just meet someone and get to know them for who they are.

The Most Attractive Qualities That Asian Men Possess

attractive asian men

Many women from western countries adore Asian men, and most of them have positive feedback for the Asian men. Let’s understand some of the most distinguishing qualities of Asian men that make them really attractive.

Know how to handle their finance

Most of the Asians come from a very humble background where taking care of the finance it a part of their cultural practice. Most of the Asian men are found to act very maturely about their savings, investments, and spending.

attractive asian men

Highly educated

Asia contains 60% of the world population; the amount of competition these guys faces is pathetically high which forces them to enhance their education skills. Women who search for the intelligence on their top priority tends to fall in love quickly with these cute looking guys.

They will look the same even after 20 years.

Apart from finance and education, there looks is something that totally distinguishes them. Every woman wants a man who looks good all the time and Asians certainly satisfy their requirements.

He will be very respectful towards your family

Are you a family person who expect their partner to treat your family with respect? Try to date an Asian. I remember one of the old sayings that Asians teach “respect elders and love younger’s”. When my parents met my Asian boyfriend for the first time he gave his respect for bowing down and touching feet, my parents were stunned to see those kinds of cultural values.

He will prefer family time instead of getting drunk

Most of the Asian men are very sincere and dedicated men towards their family and their love, family and work come on the topmost priority.

Perfect marriage material

Asians are not afraid to make commitments; if he is dating you then he must be having some plans to marry you, you can be sure about that. What do you call a person who is highly educated, good with finance, love your family and not afraid to make a commitment? “A Perfect Marriage Material”. 😉